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Twilight Princess Wax Sampler

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Twilight Princess Wax Sampler
Twilight Princess Wax Sampler
Twilight Princess Wax Sampler
Twilight Princess Wax Sampler

This set contains 10 different fragrances.

Scent List:

Twilight Realm: lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sparkling grapefruit

Midna: wild flowers, dragons blood (warm incense type fragrance)

Zant: honeydew, musky cologne

Agitha's Ball: marshmallow fluff, sangria punch [glows under black/blue light]

Tears of Light: champagne toast

Ooccoo: pomegranate, jasmine, violet leaf, spicy ginger, woods, cheesecake

Malo Mart: fizzy soda, vanilla, pineapple, lime margarita

Wolf Link: citrus, lavender, amber, oakmoss, lily, violet, creamy musk (fierce + sex bomb type)

Jovani's Treasure: pear, lily, peach nectar, pink peony, woods, vanilla

Faron Woods: grassy meadows, tree bark

Net wt. 8 oz

ParaSoy blend wax.
To Use: place in an approved warmer; I recommend melting no more than 1 oz of wax at a time. This size is suitable for multiple uses.
Stir wax every few hours for longer lasting fragrance!
Wax melts best in electric warmers of at least 15W or tea light warmers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maia Grace

Love the designs, and the scents are my favorite!! Fragrant, long-lasting, and super pretty. Cannot recommend enough :)

Kelsie Boswell
in loveee!!

thank you. love my new wax smells!!

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